Why a massage should be a part of your personal Self Care Routine

February 12th 2019 at 9:39am

Our bodies remain loyal to us throughout our day to day activities so why not treat yourself with the much needed care you deserve. The mental, emotional and physical benefits of a massage are ceaseless; however here are some powerful changes that can take place after a massage.

ü  Relieves Stress

ü  Reduces anxiety

ü  Manages/ eliminates lower back pain

ü  Reduces muscle tension

ü  Enhances exercise performance

ü  Improves Sleep quality

ü  Eases symptoms of depression

ü  Increases cardiovascular health

ü  Reduces pain of any lack of circulation throughout your body

ü  Improves balances

ü  Promotes relaxation

ü  Lower blood pressure

ü  Decreases symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome

ü  Helps chronic neck pain

ü  Increases range of motion

ü  Decrease migraines frequency

With all these benefits and more  for chronic pain sufferers, change will not come overnight. Keep in mind while receiving a massage, we are here to help you; your weight, body hair, toe nails or rough feet are not under scrutiny (you are perfect just the way you are.) Your privacy and boundaries should be respected at all times.

Self-massage can be done on yourself every day or you can source yourself a great massage therapist , like myself, and your future self would thank you!


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great post

Stacy Lynch | July 4th at 6:37am

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