Restart 101 after Carnival, long weekend of poor decisions.

March 6th 2019 at 11:23am

For each of us, there comes a time, where w’re on our regular scheduling for wellbeing and there is always a point where we consume foods and drinks that we know doesn’t do any good for us. Either when we go on vacation, out “celebrating” or that weekend where you made a series of wrong decisions. Here’s a routine you can try to reset.

The best thing to do is a 24hr water fast. WHY? Because our body knows exactly what to do to reset itself.  But I know for most of us that is impossible.

In the instances where you happened to come home morning or midday time and you ate just before you came in, I suggest you eat your next meal 12hrs later, preferably liquids because its easily digested.

So let’s say you came home between the hours of 8am-12pm, after you shower more than likely you go straight to sleep. If you wake up before 6pm, the best thing to do is to hydrate and then have a light dinner. If you wake up after 6pm then enjoy a cup of tea and allow your body to fast until the next morning. (Self-discipline is key for health and wellbeing)


My mission for the day will only be to consume liquids, so this is what works for me when I need to reset:

Upon rising (6am-8am) I have realized hydration is key. There I use any one of the following;

Lime water

Teaspoon of chlorella mixed in water (8oz-12oz)

Green tea

Ginger tea

Breakfast (9am-10am)

I’ll have smoothie, as we are still in the mango season, I used:

§  1 mango

§  1 inch ginger

§  1 inch turmeric

§  1 ½ cup coconut milk

§  Hemp seeds

§  3 cubes ice                                    BLEND AND ENJOY


Between my meals I stay hydrated with lime water. WHY LIME WATER? Yes its acidic but it has an alkalizing effect on the stomach to balance things off to help digestion.

Lunch (12pm-2pm)

If I am home around lunch time I will make another smoothie (ill include greens and flax seeds in this one) or if I am not I will buy a veggie soup.

During this day I tend not to have a mid-evening snack since my goal is to detox.

Dinner (6pm-8pm)

Usually ill mirror my lunch and keep it simple, so it’s another smoothie or soup.


The purpose really is to give your body the space and opportunity to rejuvenate and revitalize itself. The more you tune into your body the more you will find out what works best for you. Consistency is the mother of mastery.



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